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Telehealth services have been a best-kept secret that really did not find its momentum in behavioral health services until the 2020 Pandemic. Therapy has a therapeutic quality that is different in person, but there are times when telehealth is more advantageous to service delivery. It is not always possible for people in North Dakota to travel several hours to access therapy. The winter roads can create difficult choices with risking driving or attending medical appointments. Sometimes, family events come up that cause us to have to make last-minute changes. 


With telehealth, you can still attend appointments at the convenience of wherever you are; sometimes in your car, sometimes in your home, sometimes on your work break, anywhere it works for you. Some choose to do strictly telehealth, others choose a combination of both. 


My telehealth platform operates through my electronic health record called Simple Practice. You can use this platform through an easily downloaded app on your smartphone or through the cloud in your internet browser on your computer. Before each appointment, you will receive a link to connect to your appointment time. 

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