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individual therapy

Individual therapy is highly personal, highly adaptable to your specific needs and symptoms, with you having choices of the style of intervention. 

Most often there is a combination of processing information, developing skills to manage symptomology, and addressing any past trauma issues. 

I have extensive experience in assisting with depression, anxiety, adjustment, trauma, co-occuring disorders, supporting substance use recovery, dealing with school or employment disruptions, managing child behaviors, anxieties, and moods. I work with individuals in pre and post-divorce, infertility, postpartum, grief, parents of substance use disorder adults, and recovery from loss to suicide. I work with those who have suicide ideation in providing interventions that are respectful and work to keep individuals out of hospital settings. I work with youth in foster care as well as parents with youth in foster care. 

Interventions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Dialectic Behavioral Therapies, Trauma Interventions, and EMDR  (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to my treatment options.

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